Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Field Trip 9/19

Here are google directions to the Arboretum.

When you first arrive at what looks like the Arboretum, most likely you've come to the golf course parking loft. There will be piles of compost on the left, some old pro-shop/clubhouse buildings on the right, a big concrete parking lot, maybe people dog walking on the fairways. You are not quite there yet... keep driving down the dirt road, eventually, you will have a chance to turn right. This will lead to the actual Arboretum parking lot. We will meet in the parking lot at 3:20—an extra five minutes later than we said, and take it from there.

Bring cameras, maybe some bug spray, comfortable shoes. We won't be hiking, just wandering around...

Please find a ride with a classmate. If you're in a panic, with no way to get there, stop by my office (Woods 312) at 2:45 or so, and we'll figure something out.

See you there,


Monday, September 17, 2012

Windgate $$$ available to support your art project

Want some money to fund an art research project?

*Includes both Art History and Studio Art

Apply to become a Windgate Research Fellow!

An information session will be held Friday, September 21st at 1:00 pm in Garland 203
For more information, stop by our office in
Garland 103!

Open Project 1

Propose a project investigating a very specific subject. Incorporate feedback about your proposal into your project.

The project should be ambitious. Anticipate challenges with regard to scheduling, planning, etc., and work though them.

Make creative photographs, visually and conceptually. Need inspiration? Look at the work of other photographers—this can be very helpful. Shoot more than you ultimately need, so you have a strong pool of images to edit from, when making your final selections.

Plan to turn in an 8-12 images to represent your project. Edit carefully, as these are the images that represent your efforts. Your final edit is important. It is recommended to seek multiple opinions about your edit from friends, classmates, and the instructor. Does your idea or concept come through with the images that you have chosen? Are the images strong on their own? As part of the group?

All final images should be run through your "digital darkroom" using best practices.

What to turn in:
  1. 1200 pixel jpeg versions of all your final images
  2. 1 photoshop file with all layers, to demonstrate your photoshop skills, full resolution.
  3. 4 high quality prints, that you printed yourself on one of the desktop printers. Using a school printers is recommended as these are color calibrated. Only use your home printer if you can achieve equal quality. Color balance is important.
  4. Go through the exercise of preparing a file for an enlarged print. The print should be 16 x 20, 360dpi, enlarged using recommended method. This file needs to be turned in by the end of class on October 1.
Final critique is October 3. All work is due by the beginning of class. The large format print will be made ready by critique, provided your file was turned in on time.

Progress critique: Monday, September 24.

Projects will be be evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. Project explores the subject in an exciting way
  2. Project is fully explored/realized
  3. Strength of photographs submitted (visual)
  4. Technical skills (camera, photoshop, etc.)
  5. Quality of prints.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Week of October 17th, 19th


Do the exercise on pages 164-165.
  • Set IS0 100—400 okay
  • Bring in all images... 
  • For the section SUBMIT, just write a full page series of observations about what you learned or discovered about the light (typed). Basically, just do step 4.

Quiz Chapters 2, 3, 5 (up through page 172)

Written proposals for project 1. 

Format: Typed, 1/2 page, printed, in hand on Monday, no email.

"My intention for this project is to explore/investigate/illustrate _(your subject)_ using creative photography. 

Add sentences to expand as required...

"This is how I will go about this project. I anticipate I might encounter the following challenges____________________"

Add sentences to expand as required...

"I hope to employ the following strategies in my picture making, as I've learned them from the course or reading_____________________"

Add sentences to expand as required...

Field Trip, place TBD

Wednesday, September 5, 2012