Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Field Trip 9/19

Here are google directions to the Arboretum.

When you first arrive at what looks like the Arboretum, most likely you've come to the golf course parking loft. There will be piles of compost on the left, some old pro-shop/clubhouse buildings on the right, a big concrete parking lot, maybe people dog walking on the fairways. You are not quite there yet... keep driving down the dirt road, eventually, you will have a chance to turn right. This will lead to the actual Arboretum parking lot. We will meet in the parking lot at 3:20—an extra five minutes later than we said, and take it from there.

Bring cameras, maybe some bug spray, comfortable shoes. We won't be hiking, just wandering around...

Please find a ride with a classmate. If you're in a panic, with no way to get there, stop by my office (Woods 312) at 2:45 or so, and we'll figure something out.

See you there,


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