Monday, September 10, 2012

Week of October 17th, 19th


Do the exercise on pages 164-165.
  • Set IS0 100—400 okay
  • Bring in all images... 
  • For the section SUBMIT, just write a full page series of observations about what you learned or discovered about the light (typed). Basically, just do step 4.

Quiz Chapters 2, 3, 5 (up through page 172)

Written proposals for project 1. 

Format: Typed, 1/2 page, printed, in hand on Monday, no email.

"My intention for this project is to explore/investigate/illustrate _(your subject)_ using creative photography. 

Add sentences to expand as required...

"This is how I will go about this project. I anticipate I might encounter the following challenges____________________"

Add sentences to expand as required...

"I hope to employ the following strategies in my picture making, as I've learned them from the course or reading_____________________"

Add sentences to expand as required...

Field Trip, place TBD

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