Sunday, October 28, 2012

Project 3, The Uncanny, white screen

©Loretta Lux

©Kelli Connell

The Uncanny:

Something that is both familiar and foreign at the same time. The uncanny usually rings somewhat off or disturbing in a subtle, psychological way. Some examples of the uncanny would be: mannequins, wax works, ventriloquists, etc.

For this project, create an image that explores the uncanny, or that somehow challenges the veracity/truth-claim of the photographic medium. Explore the neighborhood between "the real" and "the fictional/fake". The image should include at least one figure (of some kind) and an interesting (real or composited) background. It might be helpful to think of this image as being staged, or a slightly modified reality. Working with subtlety often makes for a stronger image. The examples below should help clarify some possibilities.

Think big for this one... props? costumes? styling?

There are just a few technical ground rules for this project.
  1. At least 16" x 20" @300 dpi. All component pieces should be at adequate resolution
  2. At least one of the main subjects should be shot with white screen techniques
  3. The white screen subject should be masked and appropriately integrated into the new background, with scale, perspective, point of view, light quality and direction convincingly matched.
  4. The finished image should present a "believably uncanny" reality. 
  5. Turn in files and large format print
Due Dates:
  • White Screen production Shoot: 11/5, 11/7
  • 1st draft image Due: 11/19
  • Final Image Due: 11/26
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