Sunday, October 28, 2012

Project 5, Final Portfolio

The final portfolio consists of the very strongest work created in this course. Images can be pulled from projects and/or assignments. All work should be original work created for this course.

The portfolio will be evaluated as a separate entity from the original projects from which images were drawn. So this provides an opportunity for images to be improved for the portfolio. Editing is also important—choose images carefully. Do ask classmates and instructor for feedback on choices. 

The portfolio consists of two parts:
  1. Digital.
    • 20 images, 1600 pixel jpegs, high quality
    • Due 12/5
  2. Print. You have a few options here...
    • 8 of the above images, high quality inkjet prints, presented in either a portfolio book (plastic sleeve pages), or window matted.
    • Images may be printed by you, or purchased from the print lab.
    • Print quality is important. Pay attention to tone, color, and problems such as banding. Laser prints or low quality inkjet prints not acceptable.
    • Due 12/5
    • All 20 images presented in digital book format. Apple, Blurb, etc.
    • Due 12/10. This is later than critique to allow time for shipping. Allow ample time for book delivery. Books will not be accepted after 12/10.
    • Your JPEGS are due at final critique, 12/5
We will go over how to create a digital book in class.

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