Sunday, October 28, 2012

Project 4, Open Project

Create a set of images (the actual number depends on the characteristics of your project) engaging a visual concept/idea/approach of your choice. It is completely up to you, but should be ambitious and coherent. You may expand on a project you have already done in this class, or begin something completely new. Look to artists you admire for inspiration, to ignite the fire. Work with single images, multiple, or composites, but its likely best to settle on a consistent approach. Strive for originality and creative expression.

Images should be handled with best digital practices as covered in class.

Written proposal: Wednesday 11/7. 1-2 pages. Describe the project as it initially appears to you. Discuss a minimum of two (well-established) artistic influences that serve to inspire or contextualize your work. Discuss how your work will be innovative and original.

Preliminary critique: 11/28 (Wednesday after Thanksgiving), graded.
Final Critique: 12/5. Final files and prints due.

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